I’m sure you’ve heard of mega-yachts, speed racers and the good old tinnie. But have you heard of the ultimate crafty man’s boat….the IBC Boat?

And we don’t mean some sort of Inflatable Boat, we mean an Intermediate Bulk Container!!

Last summer, a viral video did the rounds on social media of an Aussie blokes’ unique mode of water transport. Normally you see IBCs at music festivals, on farms and in industrial settings, not out on the water cruising around. You can check out the video here https://fb.watch/4S8Xg4emSp/

The makeshift boat included a little wooden edge on the back with a motor, yes, this thing is motorised. He’d also decked it out for a day of adventuring on the water with space for his gear, an esky for the catch of the day or maybe just a snack for himself and 3 fishing rods attached to the front. No chair to sit on though while you spend your day fishing, but sitting down might be a questionable idea in this particular boat!

Whilst we can appreciate this man’s ingenuity and obvious disregard to what his fellow fishermen may think, we also have to give him props for still wearing a life jacket on his vessel.

So, what do you think IBC owners? Have we found your next winter project, maybe you can have a new boat in time for summer?

Or if a boat isn’t quite your speed, but you still have an IBC sitting around, you could have a crack at making one of these other IBC creations featured below!

And if you haven’t got a spare IBC sitting around, you can grab one here, Happy building!

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Shower: https://www.pinterest.nz/pin/380061656057014656/

Hot tub: https://cz.pinterest.com/pin/80220437096887407/

Green house: https://twitter.com/jamiejordan76/status/1138292128570679296