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Regrind Plastic Crates

This month we are taking a dive into the world of regrind plastic.
So what is regrind plastic? Well, it is a combination plastic, it is a mix of virgin plastic and previously processed plastic.

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Need a new planter, what about a 200L Blue Drum?

Looking for a new project to do this winter? Well look no further, if you have a 200L drum sitting around or know someone who does, and you’ve got a bit of a green thumb then this project is for you! Rising in popularity over the last few years, is turning your 200L Blue Drums into recycled garden planters.

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World Bee Day May 20 🐝

4 years ago the UN decided to make May 20th World Bee Day! This day was chosen in honour of a Slovenian beekeeper, as well as it being a day that works in both hemispheres to celebrate bees. For those in the north, it is a spring day where all the flowers and plants...

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Looking for a new boat, why not try out an IBC!

I’m sure you’ve heard of mega-yachts, speed racers and the good old tinnie. But have you heard of the ultimate crafty man’s boat….the IBC Boat

And we don’t mean some sort of Inflatable Boat, we mean an Intermediate Bulk Container!!

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